Tigers News · Athletic Director Message

Student Athletes, Parents and Coaches:

Yesterday’s announcement by the Governor, Superintendent McCormick and the IHSAA regarding the remainder of the school year and spring sports was a very tough thing to hear. The pain that many are going through due to not being involved in the day to day interaction with classmates and teammates is something that none of us imagined. It is real and truly stinks!

Senior athletes, I am so sorry that your high school careers are being cut short. But I can say without hesitation that you are champions in my book. I don’t need a golf course, tennis court, track, or diamond to see that. You were my first class when I arrived at YHS and you all are truly great individuals and you will learn and grow from this challenge, just like you have done numerous times before when other hurdles were placed before you. It has been a pleasure watching you grow and mature these past four years into great individuals.

Underclassmen, now is the time to realize that sports can be taken away from you in a blink of an eye. Use this moment as a reminder to never be satisfied. Bust your butts moving forward, listen to your coaches, don’t take shortcuts or make excuses, go the extra mile, have no regrets and love your teammates. You never know when it may all end.

To our parents, thank you for allowing me to see the growth of your athlete. It is the reason I love my job so much. You all have remarkable kids and they need your support now more than ever.

Coaches, words cannot describe the time, energy and passion you have for our kids. It is apparent on a daily basis that many do not always see. We will get through this and I appreciate all you do for YHS. The life lessons you have instilled in our athletes are called on now more than ever.

Many are asking, where do we go from here? We continue on like we always have. We cry for the loss of something so special to us all, but we cannot let it define who we are. We follow the guidelines laid out about staying safe during these trying times and we support anyone in need. We will begin to develop plans moving forward and those will be laid out at a later date.

In perspective, while I sympathize with many who feel like yesterday’s announcement is the end of the world, be reassured that it is not.

The challenges that many are going through due to this horrid Covid-19 outbreak is something that I would never wish on anyone and it is real. There are many people who are fighting for their lives as I type this (3 personally that I know) and they need our love, prayers and support now more than ever. It is a challenge put before us to test our patience, discipline, compassion, attitude, and frankly our faith. I had a coach who used to use the quote “Tough times don’t last, tough people do”. I have no doubt that all of you fall into this category. It is through your athletic experiences that many of those traits above are already inside you. Now is the time to use them.

Stay safe

Paul Heidenreich
Athletic Director