Tigers News · YHS Virtual Cheer Tryouts-Register Now

***Registration is open May 6- May 12.

Once registration is closed, we will send an email to all interested with instructions as well as a video with material. Tryout videos will need to be submitted via Email no later than May 15th. We will set up ZOOM meetings with each individual trying out on Monday May 18 and Tuesday May 19- We will announce the team on Wednesday May 20.

***Tryout info:

You will want to find an open area, that is well lit in order to record your tryout. Make sure you can SAFELY move around without injuring yourself. Hair pulled up, out of your face and secured. A bow is preferred, but not required. Black shorts, white shirt/tanktop, sports bra, and cheer shoes or appropriate footwear.

***Please submit the following by video to yhscheertigers@gmail.com by FRIDAY MAY 15 @ 7:00PM:

Toe touch

Right front herkie

Combo jump of their choice

Standing and running tumbling skill you feel comfortable performing on your current surface


The fight song

***During your tryout, we will be looking for enthusiasm (SPIRIT), your voice projection (LOUD), appearance (GAME READY), timing with counts, your jump technique, and TIGHT MOTIONS!

***Please know, there could be a situation where we decide on the PROGRAM and not the squads. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!

Coach Kaylee Dunham 765-610-2676

Coach Erin Thurston 765-278-7046