Tigers News · Volleyball Semi-State and State Championship Match

Good afternoon from the IHSAA!

Congratulations on your trip to the IHSAA Volleyball State Finals!  We had a great broadcast of your match on the IHSAA Champions Network.  I have received many emails recently inquiring about the ability to download a copy of the broadcast from IHSAAtv.org that I thought it may be easier to shoot you an email letting you know that this is an option so you may share it with the team and their parents should they want a copy of the broadcast for memories.

Since we also broadcasted the Semi-State round, that match can also be downloaded.

Here is a direct link to your matches that may be purchased.

Semi-State – https://vcloud.blueframetech.com/broadcast/download/203574

State Finals – https://vcloud.blueframetech.com/broadcast/download/205262